ALERT - MacLeod Lorway Update - COVID-19 April 2020

School’s back in session and the days are getting shorter. Autumn is right around the corner, but before you close the door on cottage season, make sure you take some steps to ensure your property is tip-top for next summer.

Spring Autumn Cleaning
First on your checklist: a major clean-up of your space. Avoid attracting pests into your home by cleaning out your fridge and cupboards. Wipe down all the surfaces in your kitchen, including both the inside and outside of appliances will go a long way to preventing mould and mildew buildup. You put in a lot of hard work dusting and vacuuming everything, so protect your furniture — and your efforts — with dropsheets and covers.

If you have a fireplace, clean out the flue of all soot and debris. Don’t forget to close the damper before you go.

Everything in its Right Place
Once you’ve tidied up the inside of your cottage, it’s time to look outdoors. Make sure your summer toys are stored properly during the winter months. Everything from kayaks and canoes to BBQs, bikes and deck chairs should be stored inside. If you don’t have a dedicated shed, bring the items into the cottage itself.

Outside In
Take some time to walk around your house and keep an eye out for any issues. Look for any gaps or openings that critters might find their way into and close them up. Take some time to clean out your gutters and have a peek at your roof. Your cottage may go sometime without any supervision so you want to make sure your roof is in good condition to handle any snow. Give the trees on your property some TLC. Remove any dead limbs or branches which could damage your property in a storm.

Unplug or Power off?
Some people turn off the power at the panel, but if you have a sump pump or similar system, you’ll need power in the event something goes wrong. Same goes with any security system you may have. A better option would be to shut down the power to the specific outlets that you won’t need, or simply unplug any appliances which won’t be used in the interim.

Goodbye is Not Forever
If your cottage isn’t too remote, try to schedule a day to check on your property. Heck, a cozy day could be just what the doctor ordered for a dreary-mid winter weekend. At the very least, arrange for someone to check on your property – at least once, so that you can to address any possible issues sooner than later.

Make a Record
Take photos of your property, document its condition and contents. Note what might be at risk of being damaged or stolen. Once you’ve done this for a season, you’ll have a running checklist to compare back to year over year. If you can’t stay at the cottage forever, at least you can make leaving a little easier!

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