ALERT - MacLeod Lorway Update - COVID-19 April 2020

Whether you rent or own, your home is your castle. It’s where you should feel safe and secure. But there are always “what if’s” – floods, injuries and pests can turn your home-sweet-home sour. While you can never totally safeguard against the unexpected, there are a few simple things you can do to better protect you and your home.

To avoid flooding, clean your gutters regularly by removing leaves or debris, especially in autumn when the foliage falls. Check your basement for cracks and be sure to have systems in place to keep water away from the foundation in the case of a flash flood.

Injuries can happen even if you take the greatest care, but a little maintenance can go a long way in preventing avoidable trips and falls. Keep your steps and pathways clear, both inside and outside your house. Salt your front steps in the winter so visitors won’t take a tumble on ice.

And while ideally you and your family will be your house’s only residents, critters from outside are always looking to cozy up somewhere warm. Keep squirrels, raccoons and other animals out of your home by patching cracks and holes in your home’s exterior. Pay careful attention to your roof and attic.

For everything else that you can’t prepare for, there’s home owner’s and renter’s insurance. A MacLeod Lorway broker is always prepared to handle your unique situation and answer your questions. Contact one of our brokers today.