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17 Dec Get Your House Ready for the Nova Scotia Winter

canstockphoto8510780The cold and the snow are just around the corner. It’s time to think about keeping warm, making hot chocolate, and doing your best to enjoy the wintry weather. However, before you can settle in for the frozen months of the year, you need to make sure your house is in good shape and that it is ready to withstand the winter. Let’s look at some simple and helpful tips to get your home in order.


Inspect Your Heating System

First, you need to make sure your furnace or heat pump is in good working order and that it will keep going all winter long. There’s nothing quite as upsetting as waking up to a frigid home because your furnace stopped working. Hiring a technician to come up in the fall to inspect the systems in your home will ensure that they are clean and will last through the winter. Keep in mind that you want to do this as early as possible, since everyone will soon be calling upon these technicians. Get to them before they get too busy.

Use Ceiling Fans … in Reverse

In the winter, many people do not turn on their ceiling fans. After all, they are trying to keep warm in the house, and they do not want the breeze. However, hot air rises. By reversing your ceiling fans, it is possible to push that hot air back down into the room. This can help you save on energy costs, so do not forget to reverse the ceiling fans as soon as the first winter chill sets in.

Turn Off the Outside Faucets

If you have exterior faucets around the house, make sure you first disconnect hoses and then drain the water that’s in the faucet. If you have an older home that does not have frost proof faucets, you will want to make sure you turn off the water from inside the home. If you don’t, the remaining water in the pipes could freeze and cause the pipes to break.

Clean Your Gutters

If you have gutters and they are full of leaves and other detritus, it will cause water to back up and damage the roof, often causing leaks and ice dams. You can clean the gutters on your own, or you can hire someone to do it for you. This ties in nicely with the next tip.

Check the Roof

Take the time to inspect your roof to look for any type of damage, such as missing shingles. These can cause leaks when the snow starts to melt. In addition, the weight of the snow can become quite heavy, and you may not be able to remove the snow right away. Be sure the roof is structurally sound, so you do not have to worry about part of it collapsing. Hiring a professional to check out the roof and to make any needed repairs before winter is always a good idea.

Check the Windows and Doors

Make sure you check around the windows and doors for gaps and spaces. You can then fill in the smaller gaps with exterior silicone caulk. This will prevent cold air from entering the home, and in turn helps to reduce the amount of money you need to spend on your energy bill each month.

These simple tips will help you get your home ready for anything that the quickly approaching winter can throw at you. Get in touch with MacLeod Lorway to learn more about taking care of your home and to get the insurance coverage you need.