Travelling abroad can be an exciting time for you or your family. Unfortunately, your provincial health plan often doesn’t cover your entire visit. Who knows what could happen, whether it’s food poisoning, a fall on the slopes, or even a car accident. MSI might not cover any medical expenses you may incur, especially if you need to be evacuated back to Canada.

These costs can rapidly skyrocket. Travelling should be a relaxing time, so why spend your time worrying about whether or not you’re covered? Before you depart on your adventure, stop by at one of MacLeod Lorway’s many locations, and speak to one of our brokers. We want your trip to be as worry-free as possible.

The best way to beat the winter blues and enjoy family time is with a trip somewhere hot. With March and spring breaks fast approaching, many Canadians will soon be flying south for a well-deserved getaway. But before you relax on the beach, it’s important to have the right coverage so you can truly unwind and enjoy your vacation worry-free.

Travelling abroad is exciting – it’s an opportunity to try new things and make valuable, life-long family memories. However, whether you’re abroad or at home, the unpredictable can happen and take you by surprise.

Any of these have the potential to add unforeseen costs to your trip:

  • Food poisoning
  • A fall on the slopes
  • Boating or swimming accidents
  • Broken bones or sprains
  • A car accident


Unlike when you’re at home in Canada, medical costs can be very expensive in other countries. MSI might not cover expenses you or your family members incur, especially if you have to be urgently flown back to Canada. Luckily, you can avoid unexpected expenses and protect you and your loved ones with travel insurance.

You’re spending a lot of money on your vacation, so you should enjoy it to the fullest. Plan ahead to make sure you leave your vacation with nothing but happy memories. Talk to a MacLeod Lorway broker today about travel insurance coverage tailored to your unique needs.

You should always be prepared when you’re travelling – especially if you’re over 65. Seniors are more likely to get injured or ill while travelling, but travel insurance can help protect your health so you can enjoy your vacation without worry. When choosing your insurance with your health in mind, it’s important to choose a comprehensive travel insurance plan that can cover the following:

Stolen luggage
Your bags may contain important personal items like medications. We recommend travelling with everything valuable on your person rather than in your luggage – but even then, items can still be lost or pick-pocketed. Insurance is the only way to ensure you can replace anything that goes missing while traveling without paying out-of-pocket.


Medical Emergency
Injury or illness abroad can be extremely expensive, especially if you need specialized care or hospitalization. Even small accidents like trips and falls could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars without insurance.


Medical Evacuation
Sometimes a medical emergency will require you to be evacuated from wherever you’re traveling to receive care back in Canada. If that’s the case, you may need an emergency flight, ambulance or transport by helicopter which will not be covered by your universal government healthcare.


Pre-existing conditions
You may have medical conditions that cause you to worry when traveling – but you shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying your vacation. Some plans have options that will help cover expenses incurred while travelling related to pre-existing conditions, or we have access to plans that waive pre-existing conditions.


While some travel agents or travel booking websites may offer travel insurance, it’s better to purchase your insurance from a broker as they can help you compare plans to choose one that fits your specific needs. If you’re planning a trip, talk to your MacLeod Lorway broker today for a plan tailored to you and your unique healthcare considerations.

Travel insurance is important to your peace of mind while travelling. But some things aren’t covered, and certain behaviour may void your insurance. To make sure you maintain your coverage while abroad, here are some things to consider:


Avoid excessive drug or alcohol use.
If an injury or illness is the result of abusing alcohol or drugs, your insurance will not cover any related medical expenses. Acting responsibly and using common sense while travelling is essential to maintaining your coverage.


Declare all pre-existing conditions.
Many travel insurance plans will require you to be in stable medical condition before travelling. Your broker will ask you if you have any pre-existing conditions and it is essential you answer accurately. If you fail to tell your broker about a pre-existing condition and then require treatment while traveling, your expenses will not be covered. Being honest with your broker will help you find a plan that best covers you and your unique situation.


Preventable medical treatment or conditions are not covered.
Travel insurance is meant to cover unexpected and unpreventable injuries and illness. If your condition could have been prevented by following your doctor’s orders (for example, if you do not take your medications as prescribed) then related expenses may not be covered.


Don’t engage in illegal behaviour.
You aren’t covered if you get sick or injured while doing anything illegal.


Make sure your insurance application is filled out completely and accurately.
Missing information or improperly filled out forms can impact whether your claim is approved or denied. This is why speaking with your MacLeod Lorway broker is so important when applying for travel insurance. They’ll ensure you understand your application and that your paperwork is completed properly so you can have peace of mind while travelling.

Canadian winters are rough so a little time somewhere warm this spring break may be exactly what you need. But before you set off to relax on the beach, it’s important to have the right coverage so you can truly unwind and enjoy your vacation worry-free.


Here are a few ways travel insurance can keep you protected while you’re enjoying fun in the sun:


Food poisoning, flus and other illnesses are very common on vacation, especially in close quarters like on cruise ships or anywhere food is served communally like at resort buffets. These nasty bugs can be especially tough on children, older adults, or anyone with a compromised immune system. Unlike when you’re at home in Canada, medical costs can be very expensive abroad. MSI might not cover expenses you or your family members incur, especially if you or a family member have to be flown back to Canada for urgent care. While hopefully you never need medical care while on vacation, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected if you do.


The same goes for injuries. No one plans to get hurt during vacation, but if you do sustain accidental covered injuries while on spring break, travel insurance with emergency medical and emergency medical transportation benefits can help. These benefits can pay for hospital bills as well as transportation such as ambulance rides or a flight back home.


Travel insurance can also be very helpful if you need to deal with an emergency at home while you’re away. If you have comprehensive travel insurance and something goes wrong back home in Canada, such as a family member falling ill, you may be able to fly home early without paying out of pocket.


Despite planning and best intentions, your trip can be quickly ruined if you or a family member incur an unexpected injury or illness. Travel insurance is the only way to ensure you’re protected by covering costs for doctors’ visits, hospital stays, prescriptions and more. Not sure what kind of travel insurance you need? Talk to a MacLeod Lorway broker today. We’ll help you find the perfect travel insurance plan so you can travel with peace of mind.

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