Sometimes your needs go beyond the typical day-to-day insurance requirements, and when they do, MacLeod Lorway is always there to help serve your needs. Your possessions that you hold speak to who you are as an individual. They are as unique as you are.

Whether you’re hosting a reception or fundraiser, or looking for the right coverage to safeguard those precious family heirlooms, we know how difficult it may be to insure them. Luckily, our specialty insurers have unique solutions for them and your broker can help you choose the best coverage. Contact any one of our specialty insures and speak with a broker today.

Ah, summer is finally upon us! It’s time dust off the toys you tucked away for the winter and head outside. Whether you have a boat, ATV or recreational vehicle, you spend a lot of time and money keeping your things maintained, so be sure to protect your investment! Here’s how:



There’s nothing better than being on a boat in the summer – but owning a boat comes with a lot of responsibility. If you’re new to boating, make sure you have your Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) – it’s proof that you have completed an approved, mandatory boating safety course. If you’re a seasoned boater, brush up on your skills by taking a refresher course and staying up to date with any changes to Canada’s Marine Liability Act. Comprehensive boat insurance is very important in case of an accident – and be sure to avoid activities that can cancel your boat insurance policy, like consuming alcohol or reckless boating.



Before you hit the trails, ensure your ATV is well maintained for the new season: change your oil, tighten loose bolts, and check spark plugs, the battery, and the tires. ATVs come with unique risks and require appropriate insurance for liability, injury, theft or damage. In Nova Scotia, ATV owners are legally required to have insurance to drive their vehicles. Stay up to date with the Nova Scotia Off-highway Vehicles legislation and talk to your broker about any questions you may have about insuring your ATV.



Campers and RVs are an awesome way to spend time in the great outdoors without giving up all the comforts of home. However, they come with their own unique set of challenges and needs to prepare for. If you’ll be towing your camper, RV or trailer, you need to understand your vehicle’s capabilities as well as any provincial regulations. Check your vehicle manual to verify its towing capacity, braking requirements, and ensure you follow maximum length and width considerations before you take to the open road. You also have to consider insurance that will cover not only the standard equipment of your RV (appliances, electrical, etc.) but also its contents (dishes, food, bedding, etc.). Be sure you have comprehensive coverage that considers emergency expenses, campsite liability, attached accessories, storage, and more.


A MacLeod Lorway broker can help you find the right coverage so you can spend the summer having fun on the water, on the trails, or at the camp.

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