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17 Dec How to Keep Safe While Driving in the Snow

canstockphoto8688123Driving in the winter is an entirely different experience from driving during the rest of the year in Nova Scotia, and you need to make sure you are prepared for the changes on the road. Whether you are driving a personal vehicle or you are driving a car or truck for your work, these tips will come in very handy. If you hope to stay safe this winter, keep these tips in mind.


Get the Car Ready

One of the most important elements of driving in the winter is making sure that the vehicle is in good shape and ready for the cold months. It needs to have an oil change and antifreeze added before you brave the inclement weather, and you should make sure you have an emergency kit of supplies in the vehicle, just in case you do become stranded or injured. Take the vehicle to a professional mechanic who can give it a once over before winter, and you will have more peace of mind when you are on the road.

Keep the Speeds Low

Driving on snowy and icy roads requires that you slow down, even more so than when driving in the rain. By keeping the speeds down, you will have better control over the road, and reacting to other things that are happening on the road will be much easier. In addition, in the event of an accident, it’s better to have a low speed collision than a high speed collision.

Never Tailgate

This tip ties in with the previous tip. You do not want to tailgate in the winter – or ever for that matter. If the other driver should need to stop suddenly, you will run into their backside and be the cause of the accident. If you are driving and someone is tailgating you, it is best to let them pass so they do not cause an accident.

Pull Over

If you are driving and the snow starts to come down hard enough that you are having trouble to seeing the road in front of you, or if the snow is too deep to continue driving, it may be a better idea to pull off for a bit. If you can find a restaurant, cafe, or other place to spend some time until the weather lets up, do it. If you have to pull off to the side of the road, make sure you are all the way off the road so there is no danger of anyone hitting you. If you are close to the road, make sure your hazard lights are on so you are visible.

Consider Staying Home

Sometimes, the best way to stay safe in the winter is to avoid the roads entirely. If you do not have to drive, then stay home. It is the only way to ensure you are not in an accident. Keep an eye on the weather as well. If you know there is a storm coming, get your groceries and other necessities in the house so you do not have to go out later.

No one likes driving in the winter because it is inherently more dangerous. Use these tips to help making driving through the snow and on the ice a bit safer. Also, make sure you have high quality insurance, just in case you are in an accident. Get in touch with MacLeod Lorway to learn more about auto insurance options.