Travel insurance is important to your peace of mind while travelling. But some things aren’t covered, and certain behaviour may void your insurance. To make sure you maintain your coverage while abroad, here are some things to consider:


Avoid excessive drug or alcohol use.
If an injury or illness is the result of abusing alcohol or drugs, your insurance will not cover any related medical expenses. Acting responsibly and using common sense while travelling is essential to maintaining your coverage.


Declare all pre-existing conditions.
Many travel insurance plans will require you to be in stable medical condition before travelling. Your broker will ask you if you have any pre-existing conditions and it is essential you answer accurately. If you fail to tell your broker about a pre-existing condition and then require treatment while traveling, your expenses will not be covered. Being honest with your broker will help you find a plan that best covers you and your unique situation.


Preventable medical treatment or conditions are not covered.
Travel insurance is meant to cover unexpected and unpreventable injuries and illness. If your condition could have been prevented by following your doctor’s orders (for example, if you do not take your medications as prescribed) then related expenses may not be covered.


Don’t engage in illegal behaviour.
You aren’t covered if you get sick or injured while doing anything illegal.


Make sure your insurance application is filled out completely and accurately.
Missing information or improperly filled out forms can impact whether your claim is approved or denied. This is why speaking with your MacLeod Lorway broker is so important when applying for travel insurance. They’ll ensure you understand your application and that your paperwork is completed properly so you can have peace of mind while travelling.