ALERT - MacLeod Lorway Update - COVID-19 April 2020

Hitting the open road on a motorcycle is thrilling, but motorcyclists need to take a few extra precautions to make sure they’re safe. The following four steps may seem like common knowledge but it’s surprising how few riders follow them. Here’s what you can do to ride more safely:


  1. Take a Safety Course

Your own driving skills and reaction time are your best defence on the road, so a safety course can go a long way in teaching you to drive defensively. Taking an approved safety course might also help lower your insurance premiums!



  1. Get the right safety gear

You know you need a helmet, but other accessories are just as important. Even though it’s common in hot weather to see motorcyclists riding in summer clothes, protective boots, jackets, gloves and pants are necessary to protect your skin in case of an accident.


  1. Always pay attention

There are many obstacles that can pose a threat to motorcyclists such as other drivers, rainy or icy conditions, or road hazards like potholes. Being mindful of the road and your surroundings is essential to reducing your risk.


  1. Get insured

Insuring your motorcycle can go a long way in covering the cost of repairs if it’s damaged in an accident or other unpredictable event. Talk to a MacLeod Lorway broker to find the right coverage for you.