Getting truck insurance in Nova Scotia is different from insuring your personal vehicle for many reasons. You’ll pay more to insure your truck because it surely would cause greater damage in an accident than would a small car, leading to higher cleanup costs. Your truck or SUV probably has a higher centre of gravity than a smaller vehicle, making it more prone to roll over. Features found in trucks, like 4-wheel-drive, are more expensive to fix than simpler vehicles, and trucks are stolen more often than cars.

The type and primary usage of the vehicle also affects insurance prices. Our agents will ask you whether you need to insure your personal vehicle or a commercial truck, which will typically cost more. Commercial trucks have a greater risk of accidents because they travel more. Also, if you haul goods in your truck, are the goods flammable or dangerous? If so, the insurance may be more expensive.

That’s why trucks and SUVs are more costly to insure than a small sedan. It’s also why truck drivers in Nova Scotia love insurance agents such as the ones you’ll find at MacLeod Lorway – we’ll work with you to find the most affordable rates possible on your truck insurance while providing you with the coverage your vehicle requires. Get a free quote on your truck insurance today.