Ah, spring. With the snow thawing and temperature rising, it’s hard not to enjoy the welcome reprieve from winter. However, just because the ice is gone that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to look out for when driving. Consider the following when you hit the road this season:


With the warmer weather, animals come out of their winter hiding. Keep a vigilant eye out for deer, skunks, raccoons and other animals that may be crossing the road, particularly at night. In case you do encounter a critter, it’s much safer for you to hit the brakes rather than swerve as you might head into oncoming traffic or off the side of the road.


As the temperature rises, many Nova Scotians will cure their cabin fever by leaving their homes and taking in some fresh spring air. This means more pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections to be mindful of. Children also begin to play outside again, so respect the speed limit and pay particularly close attention in residential areas and school zones.


As the snowbanks melt and the bike lanes clear, cyclists will again take to the streets. Be sure to give them adequate space and respect their position on the road – they’re in a much more vulnerable position than you are.


While spring showers don’t seem like much compared to winter whiteouts, the rain poses new threats. Hydroplaning is a risk, while heavy rain can affect visibility as much as snow can. Take your time and arrive safely.


As long as you’re careful, driving in the spring can be rather lovely. Get out there and enjoy the sight of nature reawakening from its winter nap. Just be sure to have the right insurance to ensure you’re protected. Contact your MacLeod Lorway broker to learn more.