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What can YOU do to prepare when Flooding is in the forecast?

It’s not a Noah’s Arc situation, but when the weather calls for flooding in Nova Scotia, we listen. No one wants to be stuck with inches of water in their basements if they can help it. The good news is you can do a lot to prepare and prevent the worst from happening. If weather advisories and flooding warnings have been circulating in the news or in your social media channels, pay attention and be prepared.

Gather supplies
Use these warnings as an opportunity to check on your home’s possible problem areas as well as to get any essentials you may need: sandbags, buckets, old towels, rain boots etc. You should also create a kit of items that you may not think about if an emergency arises: ID, cash, insurance policy, emergency numbers, important documents, change of clothes, toiletries and medications.

Clear your gutters
Be proactive by removing any leaves or debris from your eavestroughs and gutters. If they’re clogged and you don’t take action, it could cause damage to your roof or your foundation leading to costly repairs.

Check the basement
Ideally, you already have systems in place to keep water away from your home’s foundation and have sealed any cracks or openings in the basement. Before the rain starts, do a check of your systems to ensure everything is still in order.

Flooding can be costly if you’re not prepared. Although it’s best to prepare well before a storm warning, you can still put some measures in place to lessen the risk, including having the proper insurance coverage for flooding and water damage.

Make sure that you have the insurance coverage right for you and your home. Get in touch with the MacLeod Lorway branch nearest you to learn more about your home insurance options.